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Contact The FALL, we are a custom tattoo studio in Vancouver, home to some of the most talented and professional artists in the industry.

Artists that work at The FALL are passionate about their art and are constantly improving on what they do by learning, innovating, and moving themselves forward in an artistic direction.

Artists bring a unique aspect to the field through their individual artistic styles.

Each artist maintains the highest level of service with all clients, providing educated advice, custom art and an overall enjoyable experience.



Located in Downtown Vancouver


Traditional, linework, greywork, neo traditional, old school, cover ups, touch ups,  We have an artist that does it.  We also have rotating guest artists so check back often.



All of our piercing staff, support staff, and jewellery specalists are APP members in good standing as well as the studio its self.  We adhere to the highest level of clenliness and starility.  We only use the best jewelery by the most reputable companys..


Cosmetic Tattooing

by Sarah Grisdale

Want to wake up with your brows already perfectly done each day? 

What People Are Saying…

Our piercer was super personable and had great recommendations. The piercings were well placed and well executed.

Elmira Nazari

Google, Review

Incredible nice and helpful. I was pretty nervous and the employees made me feel better and answered all the questions I had. Great nice employees, had an awesome experience

Tzitzi Romo

Goolge, Review

Went to get my ears pierced and Matt was so friendly and professional! So glad I got my piercing done here. Felt very safe COVID19 wise because of all the processes put in place.

Miki Rive

Google, Review

Top Quality

Body Jewelry

We sell the highest quality body Jewellery available.  Our trained staff will guide you threw the process of choosing the perfect jewellery

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not required unless you want to book an appointment
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Due to Covid-19, our consultations are done via instagram video chat.