Tattoo Piercing and Body Jewelry in Downtown Vancouver

Custom Tattoo

The FALL is a custom tattoo shop providing the best tattoo, piercing and body jewelry services from some of the best tattoo artists in Vancouver.  We are located downtown, but most importantly, we are directly across the street from the seymour entrance to the Granville sky train station.  Because artists at The FALL are passionate about tattoos and bring a unique perspective to the field through their individual style and background.  Meanwhile you can Browse the portfolios and give us a call if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Tattoo Piercing and Body Jewelry in Downtown Vancouver

Professional Piercing

Because all of our piercing artists and counter staff are members of the Association of Professional Piercers, we guarantee a safe and professional experience.  Meanwhile you can verify and look for other professional piercers at  In conclusion we only use the best and safest jewelry from leading Canadian and US suppliers, provide trained staff, and in a safe environment.  We aren’t just a custom tattoo shop and piercing studio, we also provide top quality body jewellery, aftercare instructions and offer safe aftercare products to help with the healing process.

Tattoo Piercing and Body Jewelry in Downtown Vancouver

Cosmetic Tattoo

Tattoo Piercing and Body Jewelry in Downtown Vancouver. . ,and Our cosmetic tattoo artist are certified by Biotouch Canada!  Sarah is trained to do various procedures such as feathered eyebrows, filled eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, freckles, and camouflage.  You can view her portfolio or message us for more details.  You can also book a consultation with her here.

The FALL Tattooing

Tattoo Artist Portfolios

The FALL Tattooing

APP approved Piercers

The FALL Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattoos

tattoo piercing and body jewellery

Body Jewellery

Because we sell only the highest quality body jewellery from the best known jewellery in North America and provide top shelf service from our APP approved piercers.  We know you will love your new piercing.

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Industrial Strength

The FALL Tattooing

Artists Gallery


Firstly, The FALL is a custom tattoo shop and piercing studio focused on providing the best tattoo experience in Vancouver.  Secondly, we house works by local artists in our art gallery and retail space.  Lastly, our experienced and trained staff can answer all your questions about tattoos, piercings, and body jewellery.

Tattoo Piercing and Body Jewelry are our focus, however, we are also one of the largest tattoo studios in Vancouver allowing us to showcase local artists works.  Furthermore, we aim to provide individually custom tattoos for our clients in a safe and welcoming environment. In the meantime, check out the tattoo galleries to see some of their work!  You will see tattoos of all types from fine line tattoos, black and grey tattoos, viking tattoo sleeve and Disney tattoo sleeve.


Likewise, our piercing portfolios and associated social media accounts will show you some of the best piercing in Vancouver.  However, we do have some restrictions on what piercings we can offer because of Covid.  Firstly we can still offer ear piercings, navel piercings, eye brow piercings, and genital piercings.  Secondly, we can still provide the same great service.  Lastly, we still have a large selection of the best body jewellery around.

Original works, Art prints, Custom tattoo and Piercing studio

Art gallery

Certainly one of the things that make The FALL great is we have several art openings a year where we change the artwork in our gallery and host an opening gala.  However, because of the current Covid restrictions our art openings are on hold but we currently have works by Amanda Smart on display.