Book a tattoo Consultation

Tattoo consultations are required for larger pieces or if you just have questions for an artist about your design.

Contact us

Below you will see an area to message our counter staff.  There you can upload reference pictures, describe your tattoo, and relay any other information.

Book a consultation

You can also book a time to talk to one of our artists via instagram video chat.  These messages are forwarded to our very helpful counter staff and they will help you with any booking questions.

Book a Tattoo Consultation
not required unless you want to book an appointment
not required unless you want to book an appointment
We need information like Size, Location, and Style
Due to Covid-19, our consultations are done via instagram video chat.

Want to give us a call instead

We are open everyday from 12pm to 7pm(sun-thur) and 12pm to 9pm(fri-sat).  You can call us at 604.676.3066 and one of our staff will be happy to help you.  We generally have someone available for both tattoo and piercing walk in appointments


What to expect when you book a tattoo consultation

If you used the calendar above, you will get a confirmation email with the requested time or one of our staff will call you if we have other questions.  Consultations can be booked over the phone, we will get your relevant information and schedule a time with your requested artist.

Once your tattoo consultation is booked your artist will call you via a preferred video conference like instagram chat or google meet at the time of your appointment.

Your artist will go over your design ideas and placement with you.  When you are happy with the direction of your drawing you will be directed to our counter staff where we will take a non-refundable deposit of $50 per hour booked and set a date and time for your tattoo appointment. More information can be found  here.  Or feel free to call or email us.


How do deposits work?

We collect deposits as a way to assure an artist will get paid for their time on drawings if a client changes or cancels an appointment without enough notice.

Deposits are non-refundable but if you give us 72 hours notice, you can move your appointment if you need to and not loose your deposit.


Don’t see your artist listed above?

Piercing or cosmetic tattooing appointments can be booked with the links below.