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How much does a tattoo cost?

Our artists vary from $150-$180 an hour and the time it takes to make the tattoo depends on many factors such as size/style/colour/location to name just a few.

But I just want a tiny one how much would that be?

We charge a shop minimum of $100 ($105 after tax) that covers anything under half an hours work generally speaking.

Even if its just a little tiny one?
Yes even if its just a little tiny one, All of our artists use single use/disposable equipment and those costs need to covered regardless of how big or how small the tattoo is.

Do people usually tip thier artist?

Yes, most customers do tip their artist. The amount you pay for the tattoo has to cover rent as well so they do not receive the full amount, leaving a tip is a way of supporting your artist and show your appreciation/thanks.

How much do people usually tip?

This is entirely up to you, you are welcome to leave as little or as much as you would like based on your tattoo experience, all tips are greatly appreciated by the artists.

Does the tip go directly to the artist?

It absolutely, undebatedly does. The full amount you leave will go straight to your chosen artist either there and then if given in cash, or on their next pay cheque if using the debit/credit machine.

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