Space + Art Rentals

With almost 2000 square feet of usable floor space and 1300 square feet of wall space The FALL is proud to be able to offer a unique type of venue for events that support the communities we serve. Conveniently located directly across from the Granville Skytrain, Seymour entrance, The FALL proudly hosts six annual art shows organized by our staff every year. As well as one exhibition showcasing a solo artist or a collective we haven't had the pleasure of working with before. In addition to our regular art openings The FALL has hosted other events such as fashion shows, burlesque shows, live body suspensions, photo and film shoots, fundraisers, charitable events, and poetry readings.

Rental Pricing + Inquiries

Space rental may vary depending on usage, capacity, and space needs. In order to give you an accurate quote, please e-mail us a proposal answering the following questions:

In instances where the event is for charity or supports the art community we are able to provide the space for a very reasonable price and sometimes free if promotional incentives are given. Contact for details.

Movie Credit

Backdrop for Defying Gravity
"Venus" Season 1: Episode 12