Tattoo Aftercare

Everybody heals differently and at different rates. Aftercare products may yield different results from one person to the next. Below are general aftercare instructions. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult your tattoo artist. 

  1. ALWAYS wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
  2. Remove bandage carefully a few hours after being tattooed.
  3. Wash the tattoo with water and a liquid soap* a few times a day; rinse well. Pat the tattoo dry very carefully. (Do not rub)
  4. After the second or third day of getting your tattoo, you can use a moisturizing lotion or an ointment/cream made for the aftercare of tattoos*. Apply a THIN layer a few times a day.
  5. Do not re-apply a bandage unless told to do so by your artist.
  6. Do not share your lotion with anyone.
  7. Do not pick the scabs.
  8. Avoid submerging the tattoo under water.
  9. Avoid exposing it to direct or simulated sunlight.
  10. Avoid exposing your new tattoo to very dusty or dirty environments. This is one situation when you can rebandage your tattoo (lightly/carefully, for a short time) to help protect it from being exposed to grease or dust.
  11. Your tattoo should heal within two weeks and completely heal in four weeks.

*a short Product list: Spectro Gel, Lubriderm, Tatt Wax, Tattoo Goo, Kerry Lotion, Nexcare 3M.

Piercing Aftercare

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